Reliable Manufacturing is an OEM and distributor in the natural gas industry. Over the past 17 years we have managed to provide quality, cost-effective solutions to the gas distribution industry. We offer experienced product-design and excellent corrosion protection for our products.  We lead the industry in our ability to help the customer get the results they need. 

Our policy is to ensure that our customers never run out of material. We maintain sufficient levels of inventory to keep our customers from running out of any of our products.
— Larry Snodgrass, General Manager


  • Reliable Delivery Performance- On-time delivery you can count on.

  • Excellent Product Quality- Fewer threaded joints and factory testing reduces possible gas leaks.

  • Outstanding Corrosion Protection- Electrodeposition coating on all components before assembly substantially retards meter set corrosion in the field, reducing long term service costs.

  • Innovative Solutions- Reliable can design customized meter sets and gas products that fit your specific needs.

  • Extensive Product Line- From meter bends, to swivels (both insulated and non-insulated), to meter adapters.

  • Reliable carries many products you may require on short notice.